Robot framework extension for brackets version 1.0.0

After a bit too long of a delay, version 1.0 of the robot framework extension for brackets is available. Download and install it in the usual way, through the extension manager.

This version brings two significant new features: keyword search, and the ability to run tests right from within brackets. Both of these features are available via hotkey, but can also be started from the new Robot menu on the menubar.

Keyword search

If you are running the robot framework hub, you can search through all of the keywords right from within brackets. From the Robot menu select “Show keyword search window” and it will display a list of keywords along with their synopsis. You can filter the list, and there is a link that allows you to paste the highlighted keyword into the editor.


Test runner

Version 1.0.0 now includes the ability to run robot right from within the editor. When you run a test, a window will slide up from the bottom with the output of the pybot/jybot command.

The command to be run is configurable. If you include the string %SUITE in the command, it will be replaced with the name of the suite that is currently being edited. For example, if you are editing “smoke.robot”, “%SUITE” will be replaced with “smoke”. This would typically be used with the –suite option.


Robot Menu

This version adds a “Robot” menu to the menubar, which provides a way to learn the shortcuts associated with the test runner and keyword search.

Bug fixes

In addition to the new features, a few small bugs have been ironed out as well, such as better support for dark themes.

Robot framework extension for brackets version 1.0.0