Introducing robotframework-lint support in brackets

I’m happy to announce that the robot framework extension to brackets now includes integration with robotframework-lint.


The robot extension for brackets now has a very robust set of features:

  • syntax highlighting
  • code folding
  • smart tab key for inserting pipes
  • run tests from within the editor
  • quickly select contents of a single cell
  • autocomplete and inline documentation via robotframework-hub
  • search for keywords
  • lint support via robotframework-lint

Of course, many of the advanced features of brackets are also available when editing robot files, including:

  • multiple cursors
  • split screens
  • search and replace across files
  • customizable themes

Using the linting feature

The use of robotframework-lint is hooked into the standard linting mechanism of brackets, so you can control whether the window of items will appear or not. In all cases, one or more violations will cause a yellow triangle to appear on the status line.

To use the linting feature you simply need to define how to run robotframework-lint. Do this by selecting “Robot Settings…” from the “Robot” menu, which will display a dialog allowing you define how to call rflint.

You can include any rflint arguments that you want. The current file being edited will be added at the end of the command. The easiest way to do this is to put all of your options in a file, and reference that file with the -A/–argumentfile option.

For example, if you have an argument file named /Users/bryan/rflint.args, you can change the settings to be rflint -A /Users/bryan/rflint.args (note: you cannot use ~ to represent your home directory; you need to use an absolute file name)

Once it has been configured, robotframework-lint will be called every time you save a .robot file. If rule violations are detected they will appear at the bottom of the window. Clicking on an item will move the cursor at or near where the violation was detected.

More information on robotframework-lint

For more information about robotframework-lint see robotframework-lint wiki


A huge thank-you to my current employer, Echo Global Logistics who generously allows me to work on this project as part of my day job.

Introducing robotframework-lint support in brackets

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